About Bonded Logic

35 Years of Sustainable Manufacturing

Every breath is an important one. Bonded Logic Inc. takes this mission to heart with the design and creation of its natural fiber insulation products.

With over 35 years of insulation experience, Bonded Logic Inc. markets and manufactures several thermal and acoustical insulation products for multiple industries. Our patented manufacturing process allows for a wide range of densities and thicknesses while maintaining important health and safety features.

All of our insulation products are Class-A fire rated, safe for the environment, contain no harmful chemicals or irritants, and do not pose off gassing or VOC concerns.

Whatever your insulation needs, Bonded Logic Inc. has a superior performing natural fiber product to meet those needs, while keeping you and the environment safe.

Bonded Logic Inc., will deliver reliable, quality products and services to our customers, on time and at a competitive price. We will also promote an environment in which all personnel have the opportunity to offer ideas for continual process improvement with active top management support and interaction.

U.S. Green Building Council

Proud to be a USGBC Member

Using UltraTouch for your next LEED project will not only assist you in earning LEED credits, but will also provide your clients with a superior, healthy and safe insulation they can depend on.

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Cotton From Blue to Green

Cotton From Blue to Green Member

The Cotton. From Blue to Green.® denim drive is a call-to-action to donate denim and give it "new life" by converting it into UltraTouch™ Denim Insulation.

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U.S. Green Building Council

ICAA Member

Insulation Contractors Association of America assists our members by developing and executing programs which keep them on the leading edge of the rapidly changing world of insulation.

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